Mike and Jackies 2008 - All Rights Reserved
We hope you enjoy your visit here. Please be sure to check every
nook & cranny, as there are many wonderful things to see, but be
careful, as we are under construction, and handrails might not
allways be in place.
We have three dimensional portraits of covered bridges & other
historical structures, and highly detailed stick framed doll houses.
We have antiques, collectibles, and unique handmade items
crafted with pride right here in America.
And then there's us, Babe & Laz, the most huggable wuvvable
biggest beautifullest Puppers there could ever be. We are both
AKC registered purebred German Shepherds, and we hope to have
puppies next spring. See our Puppys pages for more info.

Ya'll come back now, ya hear?

Babe & Laz
Mike and Jackies pupps Babe and Lazarus
I'm Babe
Welcome To Mike
& Jackies!
And I am Lazarus