Hi, I am Lazarus
D Steek.
Welcome to my
web page.
I am AKC
purebred German
I was born
January 24 2007,
and I got my
people in June 07.
Here I am with
my boy people.

I was four & a
half months old.

He was a bit
demandin at
first, with all
that sit, come,
stay stuff, but
I got 'im
pretty well
trained now. :-)
This is my girlfriend,

She was really big
back then, but she's
shrunk to a more
manageable size now.
She's such a

I weally
weally wuv

Some more baby pictures, bout five and
a half months old here.
Mike and Jackies - 2009 - All Rights Reserved
Wanna play ball?
My Family Tree
Here I am at a
year & a half

Almost all
growed up.

I know what a camera is, tee hee!
I love to play
in water
Thankyou for visitin my webpage,
I hope ya enjoyed it!
Ya'll come back now, ya hear?
I'll be on the porch waitin for ya!
My Family Tree
My Family Tree