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Laz & Babe have decided it's time to expand the family. Well, actually it was
Babes idea, but Laz doesn't seem to have any objections. So, we are looking for
a girl pup. Must be AKC registered, large sized, preferably a long hair with
markings similar to Laz, will consider an all black.
Laz & Babe are still hoping to have puppys spring of 2011.
Both are purebred German Shepherd from excellent bloodlines. Both have three
generation AKC pedigrees, and we have family trees extending a few more back.
We are not a kennel, nor do we wish to become one. Our Sheps are beloved
family pets, or mebby we're theirs.
Pups we sell will be looking for people that will spend lots of time with 'em.