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About the artist

Michael was born & raised in Lancaster county, the heart
of the Pennsylvania Dutch country. With a love of the old
timber framed covered bridges, a knowledge of
construction, and inspiration from childhood visits to
Roadside America, Michael began dabbling with model
bridges in the late 1970s. And for the next 15 or so
years built bridges for model railroads layouts. In 1992
Michael moved his family to Bedford county to get away
from the rat race and be closer to Norman Rockwell. In
1994 they began building their own house, and for the
next 8 years not many models were built. But as their
house neared finished and workshop space became
available, Michael began building bridges again. In 2005,
Michaels craft took a new turn to preserving existing
bridges and recreating lost bridges in three dimensional
portrait. A master stone mason by trade, Michael also
enjoys woodworking & leather crafts. His greatest love
by far is building covered bridges, recreating and
preserving in three dimensional portrait these ever fewer
pieces of our  rapidly disapearing history.
Mike & Jackies - 2009 - All Rights Reserved
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